AC Milan


Associazione Calcio Milan Italy (AC Milan or Milan called it) is an Italian football club based in Milan. They played with red-striped uniform of black pants and white (sometimes black), so dubbed rossoneri (“red-blacks”). Milan is the third most successful team in the history of Italian soccer persepak, won the Serie A Italian Cup 18 times and 5 times.

The club was founded in 1899 under the name Cricket and Football Club Milan (Milan Cricket and Football Club) by Alfred Edwards, a British expatriate. [2] As a tribute to its origin, Milan was still using the English spelling of the name of his city (Milan) instead of using the Italian spelling Milano.

Formed early
“We’re going to be a team of evil. We are the red color indicates the color of fire and black signifies the fear that will attack your opponent! ”

The club was founded by two British expatriates, namely Herbert Kilpin and Alfred Edwards by name Cricket and Football Club in Milan December 16, 1899. At that time, Edwards became the first club president Milan and Kilpin became the first team captain Milan. 1901 season, Milan won his first title as the champion of Italian football, after beating Genoa CFC 3-0 in the final of the Italian Football Championship. In 1908, some players from Italy and the players from Switzerland who do not like the Italians and British dominance in the core of Milan’s squad at the time, broke away to form Internazionale of Milan.


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