Barry: The pressure’s on Liverpool

Manchester City will pay a visit to Liverpool to catch up a goal since losing in the first leg League Cup semi-final. But Gareth Barry assess the City did not have the burden and pressure on the side instead of the Reds.

Second leg of the semifinal matches will take place on Thursday (01/26/2012) night early morning hrs later. In the match this time, The Citizens get their turn to compete to Anfield Stadium.

City itself achieve poor results when subject 0-1 at home two weeks ago. But that does not necessarily make affirmed made ​​by Roberto Mancini’s team will appear burdened.

Barry, who is a retainer of assessing the City midfield instead will show off his team despite knowing the host will also be under support of Liverpudlians at Anfield later.

“We are very disappointed with our performance at home but we just could visit to Anfield and reverse the results. Certainly not easy because at home Liverpool is a great team with great support behind it,” said Barry at Mirror Football.

“But this time, we are left with one goal and play away, we can go there, play good football and maybe they will get a greater pressure,” added the 30-year-old players.

The winner of this party will advance to the finals to face Cardiff City who had first set foot on top of the party.


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