City: Not Anfield House Butcher

Manchester City a chance to qualify for the English League Cup final is not too large. But, it’s not going to make them just resigned to the headquarters when visiting Liverpool in the second leg semi-final.

Because losing 0-1 in the semi-final first leg at home, the City had to fight extra hard in the second leg. The Citizens must win by a margin of at least two goals at Anfield on Thursday (1/26/2012) pm dawn.

“It’s a difficult task. Liverpool is a very good team. They do not concede many goals,” said Assistant City Manager, David Platt, as quoted by ESPN Star.

“We know the difficulty of going to Anfield and get results (required),” he added.

Nevertheless, Platt insisted that his team has not waving the white flag of surrender alias. City also will come to Anfield is not to succumb granted.

“We have to win. We’re not going to gain anything if the series. But we believe ourselves able to reverse the situation,” he said.

“We will not go there like a lamb going to the slaughterhouse, or think we are out. But, it will be difficult,” deputy Roberto Mancini is closed.


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