Duncan’s 28 points, the Spurs Hornets Bekuk

New Orleans – performed brilliantly when Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs face the New Orleans Hornets. 28 points from it to make the Spurs won 104-102.

In the action at New Orleans Arena on Tuesday (01/24/2012) noon CST, edged the Spurs 30-28 in the first quarter.

Entered in the second quarter and scored the Hornets got 27 points versus 26 points belonging Spurs. But the visitors stay ahead in the final game with a 56-55 first half.

In the third quarter and the Spurs dominate Hornets got a little ahead 80-74 before the three-point Tony Parker be able to trim behind 79-80 at the end of the third quarter.

In the final quarter the game more exciting as both teams take turns leading the Spurs 102-98 and when the game 1:16 into the free throw by Duncan. To then win 104-102 Duncan et al.

Duncan stand out with 28 points, seven rebounds and two assists. But Parker lined up as a top performer with 20 points, two rebounds and 17 assists. Number of assists ever in Parker’s career and the second highest in the history of the Spurs, after Avery Johnson made ​​20 assists in one game in 1997.

Chicago Bulls won for the fourth year in a row after beating the New Jersey Nets at the United Center with a 110-95. Richard Hamilton stand out with 22 points, four rebounds and 10 assists.

Boston Celtis win again and this time the victim is another strong team, Orlando Magic, with a score of 87-56. Kevin Garnet inspire the team with 14 points, 10 rebounds and two assists.


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