Ecclestone Hoping Stop The Rival Dominance Vettel

Last season, Red Bull, Sebastian Vettel appeared dominant so easily won. In the next season, expect Vettel rivals can appear more okay to be more competitive races.

Vettel managed to lock the world title with Japan GP 2011 in the remaining four races remaining. Of the 19 series that are contested, this German driver managed to win 11 of them.

Even successful Vettel took pole position 15 times that made him a record surpassed most fastest qualifier held by Nigel Mansell in the 1992 season.

The presence of Red Bull designer Adrian Newey has the potential to continue the dominance of Vettel in the championship which will begin on March 18 in Australia.

Although it could potentially happen again but Ecclestone hope Mark Webber and Vettel other rivals can show off.

“I hope not,” said Ecclestone told Salzburger Nachrichten quoted Speedtv when asked about whether Vettel dominance will continue in the 2012 season.

“Of course, Red Bull is still going strong. I really wish there was resistance to the title race until the end of the competition winner. The television viewers are more concerned with the tensions in the race than the championship,” hope this 81-year-old man.

“I do not want Red Bull dominate in the same way but I am afraid it will happen. For that, I hope once to Mark Webber,” added Ecclestone.

“I also would not be surprised if Mercedes was able to win a single race. While the Ferrari, I can only hope they can improve performance significantly. Alonso is very talented and he deserves the perfect car,” he said.


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