End the series despite defeat Knicks Anthony sag

New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony in the face of sluggish Charlotte Bobcats. Fortunately for the Knicks, other players can show off to win 111-78 and end a series of defeats.

Anthony could only pack one point for the Knicks when treated Bobcats at Time Warner Cable Arena on Wednesday (01/25/2012) noon CST. This is an achievement in the lowest points in his career.

The only points for the Knicks made ​​Anthony was himself born in the quarter after three free throws. While seven of them failed to get another shot menceplos entrance, although he was able to make 11 rebounds and four assists.

By Anthony Blunt, Tyson Chandler appears to be the printer motor points for the Knicks. In addition to collecting the most points in the party’s Knicks with 20 points, Chandler was eventually also became the team’s best performers.

Knicks themselves appear quite dominant menghadapi Bobcats game despite both teams in the first quarter is quite tight and produces 26-23 points to the thin edge of the visitors.

Knicks widen the advantage at the end of the first half to 52-42 after the Bobcats can only add 19 points in quarter two. Knicks the lead in the final quarter which finished third with a score of 73-57 to eventually ensure victory.

To this end a series of Knicks results of a six game losing streak that began on Jan. 12.


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