Deportiu Real Club Espanyol de Barcelona is a Spanish sports club based in the Cornella de Llobregat, Barcelona. Espanyol club was formally established on October 28, 1900 by an engineering student from the University of Barcelona, Ángel Rodríguez. First was founded, the club Espanyol known as Sociedad Española de Football but one year later the club Espanyol renamed Club Español de Futbol.
Three years after being founded, the club managed to win the Cup Campionat Espanyol de Catalunya. Espanyol went on to win the trophy three times in a row from 1906. 1909, Espanyol club changed its name again to Club Deportivo Español and in 1912 received his club Espanyol Real King Alfonso XIII of the club changed its name again to Real Club Espanyol de Barcelona Deportiu eventually used up to now.
Espanyol in 1928 became one of the founding members of La Liga and the following year managed to record its history by winning first title at the Copa del Rey. Espanyol have won the Copa del Rey four times in history, but until now have not been able to win the La Liga title. Nevertheless, Espanyol is the sixth most successful club in the history of football in Spain.
Use Espanyol Cornella-El Prat Stadium to host the cage match. Espanyol have a nickname as Periquitos (parakeets) and White-blue Blanquiazules leading to Espanyol team color jersey.


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