Excluded Espanyol team Division Three

Mirandes continued surprise at the Copa del Rey. La Liga Segunda B team were away to Espanyol advanced to the semifinals after winning the away goals rule.

Playing the second leg quarterfinal match at the Estadio Anduva, Wednesday (01/25/2012) pm dawn, Mirandes won the match by a score of 2-1.

In the game, Espanyol seemed to escape when Rui Fonte upper caste that makes the team 1-0 up shortly before halftime.

Captain Mirandes Pavlo Infate then scored the equalizing goal in 57 minutes. Espanyol nightmare came in injury time when Cesar Caneda successfully created the winning goal.

With this result will be a 4-4 aggregate but Mirandes entitled to qualify on the away goals rule following a 3-2 win for Espanyol in the first leg in the middle of last week.

Previously, Mirandes has removed two other top division clubs ie, Villarreal and Racing Santander. Club based in Northern Spain became the third division club’s first successful penetrating the big four since Figueres in 2002.


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