First Button Taste the MP4-27

McLaren for the first time will test their new car, the MP4-27, on 7 February. Jenson Button had the privilege to taste the last pole position of this team.

MP4-27 will be officially introduced on February 1, 2012 at McLaren headquarters in Woking, England.

Subsequently, on February 7 to 10, the successor to the MP4-26 that will be taken to Jerez for the first official test of Formula 1 this season.

To test at Jerez this, Button will get a ration test the MP4-27 on the first two days. Button’s teammate, Lewis Hamilton, will get their turn in the next two days.

Button and Hamilton will exchange a turn for the second test in Barcelona held from February 21. Hamilton will first go down to the track, while Button get a ration on the last two days. Thus was launched by ESPN.

McLaren will be a lot of hope on the MP4-27 is. This car is expected to compete with cars that will be relied upon RB8 Red Bull.


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