Guardiola Always Respect Madrid

Josep Guardiola is known as a coach who never gave negative comments about the opposing team. He went back to give an appreciation for Real Madrid who will return to face in the second leg Copa del Rey quarterfinals.

Since trained Guardiola, Barcelona actually have an excellent attendance record at the time against Madrid. Of the 13 times the duels in all competitions, his Barca Guardiola won 9 times, the series 3 times, and only lost once.

Thursday (1/26/2012) pm dawn later, Guardiola will lead his team to a duel melakoni-14 at the Camp Nou. Although Barca over unseeded, 41-year-old coach was still modest. He admitted that he had great respect for Madrid.

“I am respectful to Real Madrid. They are not like most teams we face on this Wednesday,” said Guardiola on the official club website.

Still, he remained confident that Barca had set one foot in the semi-finals.

“The problem is that we have gone through and they were knocked out, but we still have to play,” said former Roma player is.

“I predict tight battle until the end. If we try to maintain the results in the first leg, then they will beat us,” he said.

“If we want to qualify for the semifinals, then we must look great. I think Real Madrid will score at Camp Nou. Therefore, we also have to score goals as well,” said Guardiola.


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