Johnson Still Hungry degree

The first title success in his career made ​​Adam Johnson hooked. Manchester City winger is also aiming for the following titles with The Citizens.

Last season, Johnson City, so the squad that won the FA Cup trophy. He also participated in the final against Stoke City, though only to be a substitute. Throughout his career as a professional footballer, this is the first trophy tasted.

In this season, City still had a chance to win in three competitions, the English Premier League, English League Cup and Europa League. Johnson also hope that lifted the trophy at the end of the season not just one, but more.

“When you’ve won something, you should not immediately satisfied with it. That should encourage you to look for more,” said Johnson, who told ESPN Star.

“That’s why you see the top players to go with so many medals at the end of their careers,” he added.

“I would not be unhappy just because I have FA Cup medals. Even if we win the Premier League, I will fight hard for me,” said 24-year player.

“With the players we have, we want to do it again and again. That’s the mentality we’re developing,” he said.


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