Juventus F.C.

Juventus Football Club (from Latin: [5] iuventus: youth, pronounced [juvɛntus]), commonly referred to as Juventus and popular with the name of Juve, is a professional football club based in the Italian city of Turin, Piedmont, Italy. The club was founded in 1897 and has sailed a variety of sweet history, with the exception of incidence of the 2006-2007 season, the League Italian Serie-A. The club itself is a subsidiary of Fiat Group, which is currently owned by the Agnelli family, and oversees other companies such as Fiat Automobile, Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, Corse Ferrari, and Maserati Automobile.

Juventus is the most successful club in Italian League history by winning the Serie A title 27 (the Scudetto), [6] and is also listed as one of the most successful club in the world. [6] Referring to the International Federation of Football History and Statistics, an international organization affiliated to FIFA, the best Italian club Juventus in the 20th century, and became the second best Italian clubs in Europe in the same time. [7]

Overall, this club has won 51 official championship. [8] With the details of 40 in Italy, and 11 in the UEFA zone and the world. [9] [10] At the same time making it as the fourth most successful club in Europe, and the seventh in the world, with a degree -a world title six organizations recognized by the soccer confederation, and of course FIFA. [11]

The club became the first club of Italy and Southern Europe to win the UEFA Cup (now renamed the Europa League). [12] In 1985, Juventus became the only club in the world who managed to win the international championship trophy and national championship league, [ 13] and became the first European club to be able to master all of the UEFA championships in one season. [14] [15] [16]

Juventus is also one of Italian football club with the largest number of fans [17], and there are an estimated 170 million people in the world who also became Juve fans. [18] The club became one of the creators of the idea of ​​the European Club Association, formerly known as G -14, which contains rich European clubs. The club also became the largest contributor to the Italian national team players.

Since 2006 the club was based at the Stadio Olimpico in Torino which replaces the previous headquarters of the Delle Alpi stadium is demolished and rebuilt as a new stadium named Juventus Arena. Juventus official wearing their new stadium in early September 2011 proficiency level. [19]


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