Lauda: Kimi Car Need a Special

Former Formula 1 world champion, Niki Lauda did not doubt the potential of which is still owned by Kimi Raikkonen. However, Kimi is believed to require a special car to be able to shine.

After being stopped, Kimi finally back racing pole position from 2012 to join Lotus Renault.

“That’s encouraging news that he had returned. He has a tremendous personal and will create interest and excitement with the media and fans,” said Lauda told Autosport.

During his career in F1, the owner of the nickname The Iceman never incised achievement by becoming the world champion with Ferrari in 2007 ago. Kimi assessed should get a really nice car to fulfill its potential.

“That’s a good move from Renault or Lotus as its name now. It depends on how well their cars, because Kimi will only shine with a special car,” concluded he.

For the competition this season, Lauda believes Sebastian Vettel will continue its dominance. “Sebastian has been getting a lot of confidence last year and did not make many mistakes,” added the man was British.

“He will be its standards again. Anyone who wants to beat Sebastian, must rely on a perfect car,” Lauda value


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