Lorenzo: Rossi Not Out

Age is called Jorge Lorenzo will not be a hindrance for Valentino Rossi returned to the competition’s top league. In this 2012 season, The Doctor believes performance will not be dimmed.

After leaving Yamaha and join Ducati in 2011, Rossi had suffered its worst season during participation in the grand prix series. For the first time, he failed to win any victories.

Many are called if the decline in performance due to the age Rossi was growing dusk, 33 years now. But there is also believed that the poor results was obtained because Ducati have not been able to provide the best mounts.

According to Lorenzo, age will not be a hindrance for Rossi. Though slumped last year, Rossi believes not in a period where he was fading.

“There is no age limit. (Carlos) was in the age of 39 when it reaches peak performances in the arena of superbikes. Valentino is now 33 years old, and he has not weakened,” Lorenzo said in Gazzetta dello Sport and quoted by Autosport.

“Currently in MotoGP there are many good racers. To win you must have a strong feeling with your ride,” said Lorenzo.

Although still able to menajak up and enliven the competition at the top, Lorenzo called Ducati need to work extra hard to make it happen. Moreover, the Italian manufacturer did not have a good bike last year.

“It will not be easy to pursue Yamaha and Honda, but the Ducati beat them in the past. Those manufacturers are small but have lots of great technology and riders in Valentino,” complete Lorenzo.


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