‘Madrid Struggling desperately to Pass’

Real Madrid must win at home to Barcelona to qualify for the semifinals. Aware if the game will not be easy, Madrid would struggle desperately to grab a ticket to the semifinals.

Los Blancos will travel to Camp Nou on Thursday (1/26/2012) pm dawn, in the quarterfinal second leg Copa del Rey.

In the first leg held at the Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid’s 1-2 defeat of that eternal rival. Thus, Sergio Ramos et al. must win by a margin of at least two goals to ensure a ticket to the semifinals.

Ramos knew if the game will be a difficult game for his team. Therefore, armed with good results in the Champions league, Real Madrid will fight desperately to win the match and qualify for the next phase.

“We are fully confident can turn things around. We must do our best and try to pass to the next round,” he said on the official club website.

“Moral Madrid is currently being good because good results that we achieved this season.”


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