Manchester United F.C.

Manchester United F.C. (commonly abbreviated as Man Utd, Man United or just MU) is a top football club based in England at Old Trafford, Manchester,

Formed as Newton Heath L & YR F.C. in 1878 as a football team Railroad Company depot Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway in Newton Heath, changed its name to Manchester United in 1902.

Although since long been one of the strongest teams in England, then from 1993 Manchester United claimed a large dominance in the domestic championship under the direction of Sir Alex Ferguson – the dominance of a scale not seen since the end of Liverpool FC in the mid-1970s and the early 1980s. Since the passing of the era of the Premiership in 1992, Manchester United is the most successful team with twelve times won the championship trophy.

Although successful in the domestic competition, success is still difficult to be repeated in the European championships, they’ve just won the Champions League three times throughout its history (1968, 1999, 2008).

Since the 86-87 season, they have won 22 major trophies – this is the largest amount among the clubs of the Premier League. They have won 19 English Premier League championship trophy (including the time still called Division One). In 1968, they became the first English team to win the European Champions League, after defeating SL Benfica 4-1, and they won the European Champions League for the second time in 1999 and again in 2008 after defeating Chelsea FC in the final. They also hold the record for winning the FA Cup 11 times. [4] In 2008, they became the first English club and the club’s second European who managed to become the FIFA Club World Champion.

On May 12, 2005, U.S. businessman Malcolm Glazer became majority owner of the club by buying shares worth £ 800 million (U.S. $ 1.47 billion) followed by a lot of protests from supporters fanatics.


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