Barca Only Just Will not Pursue Results

2-1 win over Real Madrid at the inaugural meeting was not a safe outcome. Pep Guardiola had insisted Barcelona will not play just to chase results in the second leg.

With two goals at home to Real Madrid, Barca obviously have a better chance. However, Los Blancos did not lose heart. From the various comments that come out of their mouth retainer, 31 times Spanish champions were determined to reverse the situation at Camp Nou on Thursday (1/26/2012) pm dawn.

Guardiola knows that playing just to play safe just not going to be a solution. He chose to serve the resistance Madrid to Los Cules who played football as usual.

“If we only look for results, they would get rid of us. I understand how to play like that, but it only last for five minutes, not before. We can not play just by looking at the scoreboard,” he said in the AFP.

By chance he called together a large, Guardiola predicts tougher quarterfinal match. He also mentions that Madrid has some advantages not possessed of his team.

“Real is better in terms of long-distance shot and do better in attack bail. It shows that they are very likely to score.”

“Therefore we have to play well and score a goal attack,” he said.


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