Newcastle United F.C.

Newcastle United Football Club is an English football club, founded in 1881. Headquartered in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. In the 2006/07 season playing in the Premier League. They had degraded, but managed to re-promotion to the Premier League in season 2010-2011. The club plays home games at the Stadium St James’ Park with a capacity of 52,387 spectators. Their uniforms were black and white

Newcastle United’s long history begins with perseturuan between the two clubs Newcastle East End and Newcastle West End.

Perseturuan was terminated in 1892 when Newcastle East End at the time was the most dominant club in between, and Newcastle West End opposite is experiencing a financial crisis. Finally both sides agreed to merge and form a more solid club with the name of Newcastle United.

Both chose the stadium St James’ Park as the new club headquarters and replace the uniform that was originally red and white to black and white lines. The new club was selected for entry into the Football League in 1893, and in subsequent years Newcastle United became the talk of the various mass media in Britain at that time.

Exactly one hundred years later, in 1993, Newcastle United managed to get a promotion to get into the First Division League which in English is known by the name “Classic Premier League”.


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