Opponents of Naples, Last Game Together Motta Inter?

Matches Coppa Italia cons of Naples, Thursday (01/26/2012) pm dawn could be the last for Thiago Motta with Inter Milan. His agent indicating that Paris St Motta received the proposal. Germain.

Continuation of Motta’s career with Inter is still a question mark. Although the relevant states wish to survive, but the club have also demonstrated intention to increase the contract which will expire in 2013.

In recent years, PSG has expressed interest in the Italian international player. Because of his future at the Giuseppe Meazza still not clear, Motta hinted willing to leave France.

Touted tag of Motta gave Inter for 10 million euros (about USD 115 billion). But until now the transfer price agreement has not been agreed upon by both sides.

“This game tonight (against Napoli) could be the last game with a costume Inter Thiago. The boy had given his willingness for a transfer to PSG,” said Dario Canovi, one agent told Radio CRC Motta was quoted Italian Football.

“However, we still do not discuss personal contract for PSG and Inter have not reached an agreement on price,” he added.

“Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and PSG is working to create one of the strongest clubs in the world,” concluded Canovi.

Motta Inter recruited from Genoa in 2009 ago. 29-year-old footballer is one key to success in the Nerazzurri won the treble title under coach Jose Mourinho in 2010.


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