Schalke 04

A Brief History
Club proud coal miners who stood in 1904. Therefore, Schalke 04 earned the nickname Die Knappen, derived from the ancient German word that means the miners. The club was founded by a young man who worked as a miner or the children of the miners.

Schalke have to wait for eight years to be able to compete in the West German league in 1912 precisely. They can become members of the league after the merger of sports organizations.

Fußball-Club Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 back to wait years to win the champion title. Finally achieved that dream when they won the league West Germany in 1929.

However, a year later they got a penalty for giving a salary that exceeds the specified provisions of the league. Schalke banned for six months. The punishment did not reduce the popularity of the club. When he returned for the first time after undergoing sanctions, Schalke match watched by 70,000 spectators.

Since then, Schalke showed its dominance in the league. They are several times won the league title in 1933-1942. Before World War II, Schalke have won six titles.

Only, no longer boast of their achievements after World War II. They just won the league once in 1958. Furthermore, Schalke have never won even though the competition was changed to the German Bundesliga.

Although seldom reap high achievement, but the popularity of Schalke never degenerate. In fact they belong to one of the most popular football clubs in Germany. Schalke has a rivalry with Borussia Dortmund is a club sport that has more than 84 thousand members. This makes Schalke as the second largest sports club in Germany.


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