Tevez Ignore Rp 130 M

By going without permission to leave Manchester City for so many months, Carlos Tevez pocket so it is not conceded a sum of nearly 10 million pounds from his club. But he did not care.

Tevez has not been back playing for City since last September following the controversy over his refusal to appear in the Champions League Bayern Munich cons.

After an internal investigation, Tevez was convicted and fined by the City. Thereafter, the Argentine striker “return home” without the permission of his club and continued to live there until now.

AC Milan, Inter Milan and Paris Saint Germain latter was widely touted ready to ask for her hand. But so far there has been no transfer was completed, it is quite possible to make Tevez will still be the player of The Citizens sometime after the transfer window closing on 31 January.

More recently, there were reports from sources in the City that Tevez has lost nearly 10 million pounds due to fines, and the salaries and bonuses that do not fit into the pockets Tevez because of run away from the club. It is now confirmed by the faction the player concerned.

“They (the media) make the news based on direction provided by Manchester City, that Carlos has lost 9.3 million pounds (about USD 130.6 billion – ed) in the form of salary plus bonuses and other, which is the amount of money that many, “said Paul McCarthy as counsel of Kia Joorabchian that Tevez is representative, told Sky Sports.

“When Carlos returned to Argentina in November, he and the club agreed that he ignores his salary, because he was not in Manchester, Carrington, so he paid regardless of its right,” continued McCarthy.

Furthermore, McCarthy revealed that Tevez did not care about the wages that he could not get it. Because the departure of the City are not a matter of money but because they no longer feel at home and he was looking forward to change clubs.

“From the standpoint of Carlos, it was never about money, it was not for him the economic situation; if it does persoalnnya, he would have to sit down with City to discuss a contract extension which could also be an option at one point, but it’s definitely not the case when this and now we wait and see what will happen in the transfer market, “beber McCarthy.


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