The Lakers defeated the Pacers in the Cage Alone

Los Angeles Lakers defeat the third in the last three games. Playing in front of his own supporters, the Lakers defeated the Indiana Pacers 96-98.

Playing at Staples Center on Monday (1/23/2012) afternoon local time, the Lakers appeared dominant in the first quarter, where they managed to outperform the guest with a score of 27-14. The Lakers then added 25 more points in the second quarter, but the Pacers improve the appearance and scored 35 points. LakerUpload/Insert s ahead 52-49 at the end of the quarter.

Pacers rose in the third and fourth quarter, led by Roy Hibbert. He scored 18 points, eight rebounds and four assists. Hibbert had withdrawn from the field when it collided with Kobe Bryant and got injured in his nose.

The visitors scored 28 points in the third quarter, more than the Lakers are only incised 26. However, the Pacers are still lagging behind a thin 78-77 to the Lakers.

Consistency pays off Pacers in the fourth quarter, where they successfully made 21 points, while the Lakers only 18. Bryant, who chalked 33 points in this match, failed to maximize the score when a shot three matches remaining 3.5 seconds again.

For the Lakers, this is the third defeat after defeat at the hands of the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic. As for the Pacers, this is the second consecutive victory after successfully defeating the Golden State Warriors.


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