Underestimating Rossi Stoner Call Himself

Casey Stoner, Valentino Rossi denies the statement that called him so successful over the world champion because of huge investments made ​​Honda. The statement shall be deemed Stoner had underestimated him.

Being a world champion 2011 season, Stoner is very dominant on the track to reach 10 victories from 18 races held. Not only that, the drivers from Autralia’s also never finished outside the podium over the past year.

Related to this, say if Rossi was Stoner’s success gained more because of the amount of funds owned by Honda to develop Honda RC212V. The statement was disproved now Stoner, who called The Doctor’s just making excuses because at the same time he even failed to even win with Ducati.

“Valentino belittle what I do myself for myself, my team and Honda last year. That’s not true that Honda spent that much money, because Honda is not a company of fools,” Stoner said in Autosport.

“It makes no sense to invest so much on the motor, the motor 800 cc, which will be retired. Whereas 1000 cc motor is being developed. In fact, the motor 2011 does not do many wonderful things and the proof is not much different bike with a motor 2010,” Stoner adds.

Honda’s dominance in the 2011 season called Stoner emerged as the team already had a good basic bike even before his arrival at the start of the season.

“The fact is that Honda has got a good bike even before I came: just need a new power from outside, a fresh force that can make a difference without having to fear with her role,” complete owner’s two world titles.


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