Werder Bremen

A Brief History
One day in early 1899, precisely February 4, 16 vocational high school students (SMK) gathered in a place not far from their school to celebrate the successful winning football tournament and took home a prize of sports equipment. They’re not just partying, but discuss the formation of a club named Fußballverein Werder. Today, the world knows that vocational students formed a club with the name SV Werder Bremen.

FV, the club was known to the public, enjoying early success by winning a local tournament. After all these years, FV ventured to take part in qualifying for the national championship organized by Norddeutscher Fußball Verband (NFV) – one of the seven largest regional legal after the turn of the century. FV failed.

But FV makes its own history, by becoming the first club to sell tickets to people who want to watch the game. They fenced playground field. From the ticket sales that FV finance itself.

After World War I, sports clubs adopt another, and on January 19, 1920 FV renamed Sportverein Werder Bremen. Football is still a priority, and two years later SV Werder Bremen became the first club to bring in professional trainers.

Otto Rehhagel is the first to lead a successful brand in the Bundesliga during the era of the 1980s. After that a number of coaches bekan out of the club, and influence. Produced famous players, and imported. Werder Bremen go to Forbes magazine as one of the rich club.


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