When Gerrard Defending ‘King’ Kenny

Liverpool’s poor results, especially in January, made ​​some fans question the ability of Kenny Dalglish. But captain Steven Gerrard to defend her boss.

Just grab one draw and two defeats in three games last in the Premier League is not the fact that satisfying the Liverpudlian.

So when at last weekend’s Stewart Downing et al lost to lowly Bolton Wanderers 1-3, blowing concoction of dissatisfaction on the formula ‘King’ Kenny. This was rebuffed by Gerrard.

“A bit of whispering about pergantiaa manager after a defeat is ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous and I did not ignore it,” said Gerrard told Espnstar.

“We played the better football and I would argue to death by people who thought we were not as good as last season’s squad,” he added.

However Gerrard was not immediately blame the situation in which fans were frustrated with the current performance of his favorite team. That is exactly what should be corrected by the players.

“The thing that needs to be changed are the people here should try to continue and no longer look like the time against Bolton, but returned to the road that has 95 percent passed with Kenny,” he concluded.


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