Will Anton Shaking hands with Terry?

Queens Park Rangers will meet again this weekend with Chelsea in the FA Cup. One thing that is being discussed internally QPR is whether Anton Ferdinand should shake hands with John Terry.

The second meeting later was the first team since the duel at Loftus Road on October 23. There ignited a tension in the middle of the field when Terry allegedly threw racist invective on Ferdinand.

The case was then inserted into the realm of criminal and will go on trial next week. Terry from the start vehemently denied the accusations addressed to him.

“I never said anything like that and I’m very sad because people think so. I’ve known Anton and often chatted with him after the game, and never any problems between us,” said one of the Chelsea captain’s statement.

The two players ahead of a meeting next Saturday, rumors circulating that QPR camp is being discussed whether Ferdinand should shake hands with Terry prior to kickoff. In essence, they just want to give moral support to the players it – Anton is also the younger brother of Manchester United defender, Rio Ferdinand.

Terry had rebuffed a helping hand before the game by Wayne Bridge, Chelsea will play against Manchester City in February 2010. Wayne did it because Terry proved screwing his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa Perroncel, when they were still in touch.


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