‘Bayern Too Rigid’

Last week, the fifth defeat Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga this season. Considering it is not a good sign, Mario Gomez said his team had a little too clean.

Bayern defeated Borussia Moenchengladbach 1-3 in the hands behind 0-3 after the first. For the record, Bayern has always failed to achieve victory when they left earlier, and thus the situation in the five defeats they received it.

Gomez said that Die Roten too dependent on ball possession. When they failed to win control of the ball percentage, then they would have difficulty coping with the opponent.

“The way we play too, based on the control of the ball,” said the German international striker in Yahoosports.

“It’s not a coincidence. We are too fixated on the system. We have to play more flexible,” she added.

Although Gomez said that, in fact Soccernet reported that in the game against Moenchengladbach Bayern won control of the ball successfully up to 67%. They even created shots on goal which is more than Moenchengladbach.

However, in the end, only one trial that could penetrate the nets Bayern Marc-Andre ter Stegen.


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