Bellamy So the differentiator

Craig Bellamy goal evened the score in order to ensure the success of Liverpool gets a ticket to the English League Cup final. Wales striker was also won praise from the captain, Steven Gerrard.

Playing the second leg semifinal match on Thursday (1/26/2012) pm dawn, City managed to steal a 1-0 aggregate miss the goal by Nigel de Jong in minute 31 for the opening score of the game.

Gerrard penalty before halftime made ​​the score equally strong. Edin Dzeko scored on 67 minutes City turned up seven minutes later but that hope was destroyed after Bellamy ripped thanks to the goal of The Citizens.

With the final score 2-2, Liverpool winning 3-2 on aggregate from the City and is entitled to advance to the top of the party to face Cardiff at Wembley next month.

“Craig Bellamy, who differentiate on this night,” said Gerrard, as quoted by the BBC.

“Speed ​​is always a threat and when an opportunity fell to him we know he can finish,” he continued.

Although only met with Cardiff who competed in the Championship division, Gerrard reluctant to underestimate your opponent. He filled in the final of last season where the team that defeated Arsenal in the class below them, Birmingham City.

“I think Arsenal Birmingham underestimated in the past year so we must show respect to Cardiff, look like tonight and I’m sure we can get that trophy,” said Stevie G.


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