Bundesliga record please register receipts and Attendance

For the seventh consecutive time German league record the highest income. In addition the number of spectators who witnessed directly to the stadium is also increasing.

Reuters reported, in the 2010/2011 season and all 18 clubs are competing in major competitions German League of total collected revenues of two billion euros ($ 23.2 trillion). That number is a new record and the increase compared to the previous period which amounted to 1.77 billion euros ($ 20.594 trillion).

It’s not just the clubs that competed in the top division are experiencing increased revenues due to 36 clubs that compete in Division Two also experienced the same thing. Their total income received 2.23 billion euros (USD 25.946 billion).

If totalized in the last four years, increasing revenues German clubs in both divisions rose by 18.9%. While the Bundesliga special rate increases were 24%.

German League top division also recorded a new record in terms of average number of spectators per game which reached 42,101 spectators.

“For the first time, more than 42,000 spectators came to an average per game, this makes the Bundesliga to maintain its position as a competitive league with the highest average audience in the world,” said CEO of the German League, Christian Seifer.

In the German League 2010/2011 season also experienced an increase in profits. If you previously lost 78 million euros (USD 907.5 billion), then there is no advantage gained last year 52.5 million euros (610.8 billion).


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