Djamel Mesbah Lakoni Ready Debut Against Lazio

Djamal Mesbah likely to undergo his debut for AC Milan in the Coppa Italia match versus Lazio on Friday (27 / 1) pm dawn.

Players from Algeria arrived at the San Siro at the start of this month. Coach Massimiliano Allegri gives the signal will lower the player that operates as a full-back was in the match versus Lazio.

“Tomorrow (Thursday), we will play (Clarence) Seedorf,” Allegri said in a press conference ahead of the game.

“Mesbah is also able to play. (Daniele) Bonera will fill the post center. (Zlatan) Ibrahimovic could play, but I think he would not play as a starter.”

Allegri called the Coppa Italia has important value for the Rossoneri.

“We must try to get through to round smei-finals,” he said.


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