‘Hempaskan’ El Real, Barca Going into the King’s Cup Semi Final

Barcelona returned to a hard blow against Real Madrid when they managed to hold all of their mortal enemy onslaught, and recorded a 2-2 draw in a match meeting (leg) second round of the Spanish King’s Cup quarter-final on Thursday (26 / 1) early this morning.

The draw led Barca to win 4-3 in aggregate goals and get rid of last year’s title holders, Real Madrid, from the event.

After Barca’s victory in last week’s first leg 2-1 at home to Real Madrid, Real appear to play with the continuous onslaught and the possibility of having a better goal chances before Lionel Messi throws feed cooked to substitute Pedro to open the score 1-0 for the host team home in the 43rd minute before nearly 100,000 spectators at home to Barca’s Nou Camp stadium the bells and whistles.

Shortly about four minutes later, Daniel Alves scored a spectacular second goal for Barca in 45-minute increments minute when he raced after a loose ball and perform fast full-strength shot up past the Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas into the top left corner of the net.

Barca seem to master the game but Real did not give up and start doing more vigorous counterattack.

Christiano Ronaldo, who scored the winning goal in added time when Real beat Barca 1-0 in the Cup finals last year, chasing bait from Mesut Ozil and a pass netted Barca goalkeeper Jose Manuel Pinto on the remaining time of 20 minutes and Barca became shaky defense when substitute Karim Benzema equalized four minutes later.

Both the Spanish giants alike have a great chance to win in the final stages of the game before an increasingly frenetic Real central defender, Sergio Ramos received a second yellow card and sent off before the last minute.

Playing on Thursday morning GMT was eventually won by Barcelona advanced to the semi-finals to face Valencia or Levante.


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