Mourinho Not Want Referee Comment

Especially in the second half, Real Madrid players often to protest the referee’s decision is considered harmful. Related to the court’s performance on the field, Jose Mourinho refused to comment.

“I’m not talking about the referee,” said Mourinho when asked by reporters about the appearance of the referee Fernando Teixeira Vitienes.

One protest was filed at Madrid player Sergio Ramos scored early in the second round was canceled because he was deemed to have violated Dani Alves. In later impressions visible if the touch between the two players fairly minimal.

“No, I’ve played here with Chelsea, Inter and Madrid several times. There is nothing new,” Mourinho added.

“I do not (Aims) satirize anyone.’s You (journalists) who know about football. I only understand a little. Although it does not read or hear news sport, I hope you know the opinion of the newspaper,” complete Mourinho in the U.S..


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