Not Time to Panic Bayern

The defeat of Borussia Moenchengladbach last week made ​​the position of Bayern Munich in the standings taped tight the competition. However, the retainer Bayern promised not to panic.

Bayern bent Moenchengladbach 1-3 in the first game after the winter break. These results make the 37 they’ve gathered unmatched by Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04.

“The way we play too, based on the control of the ball,” said the Bayern striker, Mario Gomez, while offensive team game which he called too rigid.

“We made ​​too many space. We need more communication, so do not make many mistakes,” said Holger Badstuber in the AFP, also addressing the defeat.

Unfortunately for Bayern, the problem then increases with Daniel Van Buyten injury. The Belgian defender suffered a broken metatarsal bone and had to rest two months. Jupp Heynckes was called to rack my brain to solve problems in the back line without Van Buyten.

For the record, Bayern difficulty to win the game when they had left earlier. This occurs in five defeats this season have they swallowed.

However, Bayern tried to stay focused. Jerome Boateng said, without Van Buyten, Bayern still has a defender, another defender with equal quality.

“It’s not time to panic. There is still the same quality in line behind us,” lugasnya.


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