Satisfy the spirit of Madrid Mourinho

Real Madrid managed to equalize after being two goals behind. Although he was knocked out, what’s shown quite satisfactory cs Cristiano Ronaldo Jose Mourinho.

Need to pursue a goal back after a 1-2 defeat at home to Real Madrid appear very offensive in the quarterfinal second leg match Copa del Rey at Camp Nou on Thursday (1/26/2012) pm dawn.

In the first half of El Real is able to dominate the game and have more than four ripe opportunity to score. Unfortunate for the visitors, through two occasions at the end of the first half Barca scored two goals.

“We had a good game. We played very well in the first round. Barcelona scored a goal today and and did not do anything and we have four or five (chances in the first round), that’s not including the other,” said Mourinho after the match as AS reported.

Despite lagging 0-2 (1-4 if calculated in the aggregate), Madrid did not give up in the second round. Goals from Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema scored as strong 2-2.

“Easy to talk to my players in the game pauses. I only have a little thing to be changed. Pause first half feels shorter if your team does not play well; 10 minutes it did not seem enough. I only took one minute today because my team played very both in the first round. I told them to defend it, “Mourinho added.


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