Want Napoli Trophy

“We want to win something important,” he said Edinson Cavani after Napoli Inter Milan away in the Coppa Italia. I Partenopei want to end this season with a special.

When was the last time Napoli won a trophy? When traced back, when it was a long time. The last time they lifted the trophy was in 1991 when it won the Super Coppa Italia. Nearly 20 years ago.

With a relatively slick performance this season, Napoli has a chance to end the fast trophy. By beating Inter, they advanced to the semifinals and only one step away to reach the final of the Coppa Italia. I have found no definitive, but Napoli have faith.

“We must continue to look forward and keep fighting because we want to win something important,” said Cavani on Football Italia.

Bomber from Uruguay became the team thanks to two goal hero against Inter. However, he chose not to discuss the heroism it.

Napoli still have to pass through Siena and beat their opponents in the final later to become champions. Cavani also chose to focus only on those targets.

“What has happened is past. The most important thing is we won, so we were all happy.”

“We’re all trying to play with all the capabilities and devote our lives in the field. We want to continue like this and develop better every day,” he said.


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