Allegri praised Interweave Milan Players

Storm still injured players, Massimiliano Allegri coatings reduce some of the players at home to Lazio. 3-1 victory, Allegri flatter their appearance.

Alexander Merkel, Djamel Mesbah and Stephan El Shaarawy dawn are the three players who had performed satisfactorily when delivering Milan beat Lazio in the Coppa Italia. Paired with some major players, they are able to work well together and gave the victory 3-1.

El Shaarawy long as it’s already going to be a new star called the Rossoneri, but for two other names, fight contra Lazio is a proof that they deserve to be considered the main squad. Especially for a new Mesbah undergo debut after a few days ago carried off from Lecce.

“Mesbah through the game well and survive in a very mature. El Shaarawy continues to grow in every game, while Merkel is also playing well,” said Allegri on Football Italia.

Related Merkel, the game was an early morning game ‘comeback’ after half a season playing in Genoa, and was on 17 January and returned to San Siro. Poor him, brought in to line the injured player, he even participated heavily in the same issue.

“It is unfortunate that Merkel got injured and it will be evaluated in the next few days.”

“There are some occasions in the first half and Marco Amelia did a good job of making Lazio is far superior. My team did its work well and we are eager to enter the semifinals. Hopefully we can keep going and also in the final,” Allegri said.

Milan will face Juventus in the semi-finals. The first meeting between the two teams will be held at the San Siro.


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