And Tevez was worried Start

So far as Carlos Tevez looks calm dilego waiting time for Manchester City. But beyond that he was beginning to feel restless, anxious.

Tevez is currently in his native country, Argentina, after several months of leaving the City without a permit. This is the culmination of deteriorating relations with his club after Tevez previously punished for refusing to play.

A few months of leaving the City without the permission also impact negatively on the pocket Tevez. Amount of money that almost 10 million pounds, in the form of salary and bonus, was not he receives.

However, Tevez looks quiet “lose” that much money. Moreover, a number of clubs also continue to ask for her hand.

Even so she recently started getting worried. Because Inter Milan and Paris Saint Germain, the two clubs which had been pursuing, has now resigned. AC Milan’s business, other enthusiast club, are also still do not get a bright spot.

Under these conditions, there is clearly a chance Tevez will not change clubs this winter, or maybe even up to his contract with the City runs out in two years. He also began to worry lest perhaps it is the punishment of the City for her.

“Carlitos and I ate dinner a few days ago. I could see he was troubled,” I’m Carlos Jimenez, a singer who also pal Tevez Argentina, in The Sun.

“He says City want to stop playing for two years as punishment. He knew he had to get out of Manchester before January 31,” said Jimenez, referring to the end of the winter transfer market.


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