Asesino shouts accompanied Pisalo Action & Pepe at the Camp Nou

Pepe did not really like escaped punishment after the incident penginjakan fingers Lionel Messi. Real Madrid defender has just “put to” public Nou Camp.

Still fresh in memory when Pepe was involved controversy last week. In the first leg quarterfinal match Copa del Rey cons between Madrid Barcelona Portugal defender was caught on camera stepping on the middle finger Messi sat on the ground.

In the process, there is no penalty for Pepe who also pleaded not mean to do. He once had apologized openly to Messi.

However, the Camp Nou public has not wanted to forget the incident. So fierce was his speech given to Pepe in the second leg match on Thursday (1/26/2012) pm dawn, which finally passed the Barca into the semis thanks to a 2-2 draw.

When his name was announced the stadium loudspeakers, a whistling sound audible sneer already started. Scorn was then faithfully accompanies Pepe actions, even when emerging from the tunnel.

Presented the U.S., shouts of “Asesino” aka “killer” that aimed to Pepe often heard in the game. Banners like “Pepe, Jaula n’3” which can roughly be interpreted “world number three, Pepe, caged alone” was adorned.

Do not stop there, also sound public Nou Camp really excited when Pepe violated Barca players. Shouts of “Messi, Messi” came when the players violate Pepe Argentina at the end of the first half, although he must be willing to eventually yellow-carded – the only one in the game for Barca.

Appeal from the public like the Camp Nou back sounds at minute 56 when Pepe crashed again, this time after Cesc Fabregas violated. Every time Pepe fell on the ground, the public also called for cries of “Pisalo” which can be interpreted as a “Hit”.

Under pressure from the audience, Pepe himself capable of performing the full 90 minutes. He got a yellow card on 90 minutes after the break Dani Alves, an act which again makes the Camp Nou public Pepe shouted as “Asesino”.


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