Ask Liverpudlian Gerrard Kalem

Duel Liverpool versus Manchester United in the FA Cup fourth round heat could potentially take place. However, Steven Gerrard the Reds asking fans to remain calm.

The match at Anfield on Saturday (28/01/2012) night, was the first meeting of the match between Liverpool and Manchester United since the case of racism between Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra. In the game, Suarez can not be performed because it is still undergoing suspension, while Evra will appear from the beginning.

At Anfield later, Evra could potentially be related to the case of derision Liverpudlian with Suarez. But Gerrard hoping it did not happen.

“We all responsibility to ensure that this match will be remembered for his football,” said Gerrard, who cited Soccernet.

“There is great rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United and certainly there will be things in the newspaper and banter between the fans,” he added.

“But, it would be fantastic if this be remembered for his top game. And from our perspective, the victory of Liverpool,” said the captain.

“We do not want the front page of this match which contained stories outside the football match between two top teams – and may the best team win,” he concluded.


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