Azarenka & Sharapova also fought Status Number 1

In addition to fighting over the crown of a Grand Slam champion, the second Australian Open women’s singles finalist this year could also holds the title as world number one.

By ousting the top seed Caroline Wozniacki in the quarterfinals round, then second seed Petra Kvitova in the semifinals, then Victoria Azarenka and Maria Sharapova will compete for status.

Azarenka currently in third place in the WTA rankings with 6865 points. Sharapova just below the 6440 value. Who will win the final on Saturday (01/28/2012) tomorrow will get 2,000 points, and will be the highest in the latest rankings calculations which will be released next Monday.

Wozniacki currently has 7485 points, and only 500 of its achievement will increase in the quarterfinals. Kvitova, the player is currently number two with a value of 7290, will only get an extra 900 points after aground in the semifinals.

If Sharapova and Azarenka beat a champion, he will become the first player to ever occupy the number one staircase without feeling sitting in second place. He also will become the first Belarusian player bearing the title of it.

As for Sharapova, she never became world number one, beginning on August 22, 2005. At that time he became the first Russian player to reach that position.

Related to the tournament, Azarenka will melakoni his first final in Grand Slam level. Prior to this achievement is only the best Wimbledon semifinals last year.

Sharapova already has three Grand Slam trophies, but the latter is long enough, namely, Australia, 2008. The other two are the 2004 Wimbledon and U.S. Open in 2006.

The second meeting of this record player is 3-3. But in his last two games Azarenka could always beat Sharapova in the final hardcourt tournament, at Stanford and Miami.

Who are your favorites?


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