Ballack Leverkusen No Need Anymore?

Michael Ballack’s career at Bayer Leverkusen will not seem long, after complaining about poor performance Die Bayer former German national team captain since his comeback last season.

After Ballack contract terminated by Chelsea after the 2009/2010 season, he decided to return to the Bundesliga and strengthen Leverkusen, the club he made his name was.

Ballack is expected to perform well in their own homeland as an attempt to log back into the German national team. But unfortunately that dream Ballack can not be achieved until now.

He is still involved with the cold war Der Panzer coach, Joachim Loew, and appearances in his first season despite a disappointing judged capable of carrying Leverkusen qualified for the Champions League. Last season she only appeared 20 times and accounted for two goals,

“It’s time for us all to recognize if our estimate for 20 months this was wrong,” I’m CEO of Leverkusen, Wolfgang Holzhaeuser, told Cologne’s Express quoted by Reuters.

“We expect more from Michael Ballack at the level of the sport and he certainly expect more from him,” he continued.

This season was Ballack’s career arguably grow dimmer despite appearing 16 times and made three goals. Especially last weekend’s 35-year football player showed the ominous gestures when pulled out by coach Robin Dutt.

Seeing this, the German media began to predict if this season is the last time Ballack wearing a red-black uniform. This is where Ballack had already been expressed earlier.

“He must consider whether his behavior is good for this club. (Sporting Director) Rudi Voeller and I’ve talked to him this week, but unfortunately no results,” lid Holzhaeuser.


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