Call Alves Madrid Phenomenal

Dani Alves already knew that Real Madrid will play very offensively and create difficulties Barcelona at Camp Nou. Brazilian defender was called Madrid has been a phenomenal show.

Typically, Barca who rely on tiki-taka style always dominant throughout the game. Statistical records show that control of the ball they are very often exceed 70 percent.

But, such things were not so visible when they host Real Madrid in the second leg Copa del Rey quarterfinals on Thursday (1/26/2012) pm dawn. In a match that ended in a draw 2-2, the Madrid-the ones who dominate the Catalan kids.

Since the kick-off, fleet Jose Mourinho who do need immediate goals appear to attack. They also get a number of golden opportunities, two of them through leg Gonzalo Higuain. However, because the guard, they even left behind 0-2 in the first round.

In the second half, Real Madrid play more offensively. The result, they can be scored two goals by Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo. But their efforts to find a third goal and reverse the situation can still be blocked by the home team.

“We knew we had to suffer until the end. Version Madrid that this is the most made ​​it difficult because they provide a lot of pressure,” said Alves, who scored both Barca.

“They’re phenomenal, closing the space very well, and made ​​us very difficult to attack,” he said.

Alves also welcomed the success of his team dampen Madrid and drove to the next round.

“The most important thing is that we qualify. We know it will be determined in two games, not just the first course,” he said.


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