Farewell Greetings ‘Aussie Kim’ by the Australian Open

Kim Clijsters is one of the public’s favorite tennis player in the Australian Open. Unfortunately he failed to provide nan sweet farewell to his fans there.

Clijsters was Belgium. But the figure is still loved in Australia so much that he dubbed “Aussie Kim”. That in itself started when he began dating a local tennis player, Lleyton Hewitt, the 2000 past and public affection to Clijsters does not fade even though the couple had separated in 2004.

So do not be surprised the great support received by the “Aussie Kim” in each game at the Australian Open in 2012, though ultimately the support it can only accompany the defending champions until the semifinals only.

Step Clijsters in the season-opening grand slam that have run aground in the last four after discontinued by Victoria Azarenka, Thursday (26/01/2012).

Given Clijsters plans to re-retire – he has also been hanging racket from 2007 to 2009 – at the end of the 2012 season, it is likely that the last time he will perform in front of Rod Laver Arena in the public arena of the Australian Open.

“I mean, you do not think about it,” Clijsters said when asked about her feelings when she left Rod Laver Arena, as quoted Yahoosports.

“I think his loss is still too fresh to think about something else,” continued the 28-year tennis player who is known for is not easily carried away.

And Clijsters, winner of four Grand Slam titles, had already walked off the field Rod Laver Arena, raising his right hand thumb, and slowly disappeared from view, to the accompaniment of one of the most festive outbursts from the audience in the quarterfinal match.


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