‘Good Will Evra Only at Anfield’

Patrice Evra should be playing in front of tens of thousands of fans when Manchester United played Liverpool in the FA Cup fourth round. Although potentially a matter for ridicule, Evra is believed to be able to handle it.

Liverpool fans certainly have not forgotten the incident when Evra was the last time set foot in Anfield, in October last year. At that time, he accused the attackers of the Reds, Luis Suarez, hurling racist insults at him.

The charges were later Evra long tails. After going through a series of the investigation, Suarez was sentenced to eight games of heavy suspension by the FA.

With a background like that, Evra will return to Anfield on Saturday (01/28/2012) evening hrs. She became part of the squad prepared for the match Manchester United FA Cup fourth round.

“Patrice definitely have to play, 100 percent” said the former Manchester United defender, Viv Anderson, as quoted by ESPN Star.

“There will be backlash. But, he does not make mistakes. So, why should he not play?” he added.

“He was quite experienced and mature enough to handle it. That will be his first experience of being attacked verbally. If you can not handle it, then you could never knit your career,” said the man who dressed as the ‘Red Devils’ in the period 1987 – 1991.

“I do not think playing at Anfield, after what happened, it would bother him,” said Anderson.

“There will always be something else, and if you are constantly worried about something, then you will close and disappear,” he concluded.


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