Lazio Reportedly Want to Borrow Krasic

Lazio tried to exploit the situation was not ideal that experienced by Milos Krasic at Juventus. Gli Aquilotti reportedly wants to borrow the Serbian international winger.

Although last season appear quite okay, Krasic was not entered into the scheme design game coach Antonio Conte. As a result, 27-year-old player is very rarely played.

Under these conditions, Krasic reportedly began to huff and tried to find the exit from Juve. Reportedly, a number of clubs like Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, and CSKA Moscow wants to use his services.

The latest club enthusiasts Krasic is emerging as Lazio. Today, the Corriere dello Sport reported that Italian capital club was seriously eyeing Krasic.

But, do not want to directly purchase Biancoceleste Krasic. They wanted to borrow the player first. New at the end of the season, they will consider him a permanent contract.


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