‘Liverpool Want kinship with Arsenal’

Liverpool will certainly be favored in the English League Cup final match against Cardiff City. But Steven Gerrard asked for the Reds did not arrogant if you do not want to end up like Arsenal last season.

A 2-2 draw at Manchester City League Cup semi-final second leg at Anfield England earlier dawn, making the Reds qualify for the finals by winning 3-2 on aggregate.

This is their first final in the past five years, after last appearing in the 2007 Champions League final. Their opponents at Wembley on February 26 next is Cardiff.

If judging from the history that belongs to the club and players, Cardiff were no match for owners of 18 English league titles. Liverpool will certainly favored to win the English League Cup title to their 8.

“The results are very good for all who played in the League Cup so far, but the important message now is that all this has not been completed,” said Gerrard in the team’s official site.

Gerrard is highly cautioned his colleagues not to look at one eye Cardiff because the team could surprise, as what the Birmingham City last season.

Not favored when the final counter-Arsenal, The Brummies became champions after winning 2-1. It’s the unwanted Gerrard Liverpool suffered a similar fate with the Gunners.

“Arsenal have to surrender from Birmingham last season when they most favored. I’m sure if we will be favored, but we must respect the Cardiff and look like what we showed tonight,” he continued.

“This will be the biggest game in their lives and they’re ready to itu.Mereka will play at a level they never played before. So it’s important for us not lower our standards. We must improve our game and if we do, I’m sure we can be champions, “he concluded.


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