‘Madrid Less Fortunate’

Appear quite dominant for most of the match, Real Madrid had to settle with a draw against Barcelona. Top of this disappointing result, Los Merengues called’re out of luck.

Madrid has just confirmed failed to retain the Copa del Rey trophy after a 2-2 draw with Barcelona in the second leg quarterfinal on Thursday (1/26/2012) pm dawn. They were knocked out 3-4 on aggregate.

Saw the appearance of Madrid at the Camp Nou, Esteban Granero admitted quite satisfied and said his team deserved to win. Only, as it still shunned the goddess Fortuna, his team had failed.

“We should be satisfied. We should have won because we were better,” said Granero on the official club website.

“I think we are less fortunate, but we’ve done an excellent job,” he said.

A similar claim is disclosed by his Granero, Madrid, Pepe. He also considered his team’s performance is better than Barca.

“We’ve got a great sense of sacrifice and feel proud because we’ve proven that we are a unity and played better than Barcelona,” he said.

“Fans should be proud of the players,” said the player who many criticized because of the incident with Lionel Messi in the first leg of this quarterfinal.


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