Mancini: Referee Also Can Exhausted

Roberto Mancini re-remark about the English referee referee. Manchester City’s manager called the referee has the potential to make a mistake because it was in a state of exhaustion.

This season, Mancini several times in trouble with the referee. Two of the best brand is the disillusionment with Chris Foy and Phil Dowd.

The Italian man was protesting the decision to expel Foy Vincent Kompany as City meet Manchester United in the FA Cup third round. Meanwhile, to Dowd, he sued the penalty for Liverpool in the League Cup semi-final second leg of the UK.

According to Mancini, the density of the fixtures in the UK also affect physical referee. Consequently, in a tired condition, a court could potentially make a mistake in taking decisions.

“I think playing a lot of games too difficult for them (the referee),” said Mancini was quoted on Sky Sports.

“The referee sometimes tired. Playing every two or three days it is difficult for the players, and also to the referee,” he continued.

“Referees are like me, like the players. They can sometimes be tired,” said Mancini.


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