Matter of contract, Motta Inter’s Ultimatum

Thiago Motta is currently unclear future with Inter Milan. The agents were threatening if not immediately extended his contract, Motta Nerazzurri better to let go.

Indeed Motta contract will still expire in June 2013 and that means Motta still had about 1.5 years at the Giuseppe Meazza. However, the problem is not paid for Motta comparable in importance to ‘Blue Black’.

Although often bandaged injuries, Motta played a major role for the success of kala Inter won the treble winners in 2010. Since joining 2.5 years ago, Motta has appeared 69 times and accounted for 9 goals.

Thus Motta and his agent are considering an offer from Paris St Germain in the transfer market this time. The existence of the former coach of Inter, Leonardo, is the key to bring Motta to Paris.

For the footballer’s agent 29-year La Beneamata cautioned to seriously discuss the new contract Motta

“Right now he’s only getting 3.5 million euros per season. He’ll probably get lower than that in France,” said his agent, Alessandro Canovi, told Sport Italia.

“The main problem is not about economics, but about whether the Inter convinced that he is an important player for their future,” he continued.

“We have to understand whether the Inter believe it or not. It may also be so wrong if they say they will hold him until July, then sell it. Do you want to create the project by involving Thiago or sell him,” he said.


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