Mourinho story intercept Teixeira Parking Area

After the game counter Real Madrid in Barcelona Copa del Rey yesterday, Jose Mourinho was not immediately returned to the hotel. He even headed the Nou Camp parking area, waiting for the referee Fernando Teixeira Vitienes. Want to What?

Problem Mourinho appeared in the parking lot waiting for Teixeira Camp Nou for the first rumored by Mundo Deportivo. Sports media in Spain’s famous photograph memampang even Real Madrid coach was standing leaning on a car.

Then what Mourinho waiting Teixeira, who is nothing but a referee the match Barcelona vs Real Madrid? Nothing else to protest.

Although at a press conference after the match he would not comment on the referee calls, but the Portuguese coach did not seem easy to eliminate the annoyance of several court decisions on the field.

Comes with black trousers and white jacketed Real Madrid, Mourinho threw a strong statement on Teixeira.

“Wow an artist, (I) love the way you mess professionalism,” said Mourinho.

No mention of what Teixeira response over ‘assault’ Mourinho is being waged.

The referee after the game can indeed be harsh criticism from some of Madrid’s players because they did not lead the fight very well. Including Iker Casillas who also threw sarcasm.


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